• <a href='' >African Protea Black</a>
    African Protea Black
  • <a href='' >African Protea Natural</a>
    African Protea Natural
  • <a href='' >African Protea Taupe</a>
    African Protea Taupe
  • <a href='' >African Safari Tangerine</a>
    African Safari Tangerine
  • <a href='' >African Safari Black</a>
    African Safari Black
  • <a href='' >African Safari Chartreuse</a>
    African Safari Chartreuse
  • <a href='' >African Safari Natural</a>
    African Safari Natural
  • <a href='' >African Safari Pistachio</a>
    African Safari Pistachio
  • <a href='' >African Safari Sand Natural</a>
    African Safari Sand Natural
  • <a href='' >Jungle Black White</a>
    Jungle Black White
  • <a href='' >Jungle Pistachio</a>
    Jungle Pistachio
  • <a href='' >Jungle Sand Natural</a>
    Jungle Sand Natural
  • <a href='' >Jungle Tangerine</a>
    Jungle Tangerine
  • <a href='' >Mosaic Black Sand</a>
    Mosaic Black Sand
  • <a href='' >Mosaic Black White</a>
    Mosaic Black White
  • <a href='' >Mosaic Indigo</a>
    Mosaic Indigo
  • <a href='' >Mosaic Tangerine Sand</a>
    Mosaic Tangerine Sand
  • <a href='' >Mosaic Tangerine</a>
    Mosaic Tangerine
  • <a href='' >Savannah Aqua White</a>
    Savannah Aqua White
  • <a href='' >Savannah Black Sand</a>
    Savannah Black Sand
  • <a href='' >Savannah Black White</a>
    Savannah Black White
  • <a href='' >Savannah Indigo White</a>
    Savannah Indigo White
  • <a href='' >Savannah Mint</a>
    Savannah Mint
  • <a href='' >Savannah Pistachio</a>
    Savannah Pistachio
  • <a href='' >Savannah Sand Natural</a>
    Savannah Sand Natural
  • <a href='' >Twill Stripe Black Sand</a>
    Twill Stripe Black Sand
  • <a href='' >Twill Stripe Black White</a>
    Twill Stripe Black White
  • <a href='' >Twill Stripe Pistachio</a>
    Twill Stripe Pistachio
  • <a href='' >Twill Stripe Tangerine</a>
    Twill Stripe Tangerine
  • <a href='' >Twill Stripe Yellow White</a>
    Twill Stripe Yellow White
  • African Protea Black
  • African Protea Natural
  • African Protea Taupe
  • African Safari Tangerine
  • African Safari Black
  • African Safari Chartreuse
  • African Safari Natural
  • African Safari Pistachio
  • African Safari Sand Natural
  • Jungle Black White
  • Jungle Pistachio
  • Jungle Sand Natural
  • Jungle Tangerine
  • Mosaic Black Sand
  • Mosaic Black White
  • Mosaic Indigo
  • Mosaic Tangerine Sand
  • Mosaic Tangerine
  • Savannah Aqua White
  • Savannah Black Sand
  • Savannah Black White
  • Savannah Indigo White
  • Savannah Mint
  • Savannah Pistachio
  • Savannah Sand Natural
  • Twill Stripe Black Sand
  • Twill Stripe Black White
  • Twill Stripe Pistachio
  • Twill Stripe Tangerine
  • Twill Stripe Yellow White

Gary Neil Fabrics

Gary Neil Outdoor has just launched its 2017 Collection of exclusive, on-trend outdoor fabrics, designed in Cape Town by Rashad Khan and Gary Adler, and woven in South Africa. 

We are passionate about outdoor fabric and offer beautifully designed, functional fabrics for your outdoor spaces. They are upholstery weight and ideal for both domestic and contract applications. Our fabrics are engineered to withstand prolonged exposure to the South African climate.

Quality is built into our fabrics, starting with the yarns which are solution dyed, ensuring that colour is impregnated into the yarns, giving them excellent colour retention in harsh sunlight conditions. This, together with water and mildew repellency, ensures that you are getting the best possible protection for your outdoor fabric.

Gary Neil Outdoor fabrics are different. Not only do they offer better value than European imports, they are inspired by local and international design to give your outdoor space a contemporary yet classic look and feel. And, most importantly, they are created specifically with the South African consumer in mind.



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