Macalli DNA & Mission Statement

Information about the Macalli Brand and its 'Inspired Living' design philosophy.


Live and Enjoy Life in comfort

At Macalli it is our dream, passion and goal to continually manufacture and design products which inspires a person to enjoy and live life in comfort, which in turn makes them Happy. The variety of outdoor furniture, umbrellas, screening and outdoor accessories have the ability to transform any space, be it an outdoor or indoor area. Macalli utilises many years of expertise gleaned within the furniture industry to partner with the Retail and Hospitality sector from the custom design right down to the sale of the end product. 

The Macalli DNA

Simple yet Innovative Design and Craftsmanship. 

  • Design: A simple yet luxurious mix of the old and new - comfortably timeless.
  • Built to last: Macalli strives to develop products that can stand the test of and time vs the elements. We continually seek to source materials that are best suited.
  • Innovative: passionate about innovation we search tirelessly for simple, yet new and exciting concepts and products, to compliment our range, to ensure a fresh yet timeless product offering – always
  • Live In Comfort: Designs, built for comfort. This is a priority for us. When you are comfortable you are happy.
  • Respect: Macalli is committed to maintaining ethical business practices and a respect for others. We always strive for mutually beneficial relationships with our customers’ suppliers and staff.
  • Belief: Anything is possible.


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